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But I found that I could not plan my trip by using Google Maps. I have to determine my trip route by myself. At least, I need to find my saved places for this travel. All of the Places · Mapzen Further inspection made me realize I’d linked to a photo icon on the map, and that linking to photos isn’t well supported on the iOS version of Google Maps. Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Australian historic places The NSW SHR website repeats a lot of information and some information that is valuable is not included in the places where you would expect it. Google Places Api integration with Ionic and the Long Press… Google Maps are a perfect match when you are dealing with location based apps. In this article we will learn to integrate the Google Maps api and Google Places api in our Ionic App and look at the solution to long press issue that Ionic…

iMapMe - Keep Track of All Your Favorites Places & Where You… iMapMe - Keep Track of All Your Favorites Places & Where You Are 14.7 download - Always remember your current, nearby or favorite locations by… Place Search | Places API | Google Developers The Places API is also available with the Java Client, Python Client, Go Client and Node.js Client for Google Maps Services. How to Add Places to Google Maps | Wikiamonks

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